Vitamix History

Vitamix is a 4th generation legacy that began in 1921 when William Grover Barnard (“Papa”) was helping a friend overcome an illnesss.  During this time, Papa, began to understand the importance of whole-food nutrition.  Under the Natural Food Institute, Papa forged ahead by learning and teaching people about food and health.  In 1937, he discovered the blender and realized the health benefits of such a machine.  Soon after, he released his first product, the “Vita-Mix”.  The “Vita-Mix” was so named becuase vita means life.

In 1949, Papa’s son, Bill Barnard convinced Papa to take Vita-Mix to the TV, and in 1964, the company was renamed to the Vitamix Corporation.  During this time, Bill Barnard was intent to make healthy food preparation easier and more healthy and in 1969, the Vitamix 3600 was created to make hot soups, blend ice cream, and more.

At the turn of the century, Bill’s son, John Barnard and his brother applied their engineering backgrounds to make significant improvements to the products.  John’s vision was to establish Vitamix blender as the first high performance blender in the foodservice industry.

Today, Vitamix high performance blenders can be found in kitchens around the world from gourmet kitchens to restaurant chains to your next door neighbor’s kitchen.

According to the current President, Jodi Berg, Vitamix continues to be committed to improving the vitality of people’s lives.  Vitamix encourages everyone to change the way we think about food and invites all of us to become part of the Vitamix story.

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