Vitamix Blender Recipes

Vitamix blenders are the most trusted machines the world over, from professional chefs, coffee houses, and even do it at home culinary artists all over the world.

The most versatile blender on the market, the Vitamix blenders can make so much more than smoothies. Use the Vitamix to make the creamiest purees, chunkiest salsas, whole food drinks, frozen desserts, hot soups, ice cream, bread, pulverized seeds, even make you own flour.

The cookbook comes with a step-by-step instruction manual and full color photos for everything from sauces to nut butters. Use the cookbook to find recipes for using nuts, fruits, large and small ingredients. Find Summer recipes, Fall recipes, and Holiday Recipes. It even has recipes for dietary restrictive ingredients.

Recipes are available on-line, and you can even specify what type of recipes you are looking for. With over 250 whole food recipes with full color pictures that help you incorporate more ingredients into your daily diet, everyone can simply and easily create award winning, family pleasing dishes in a snap.

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