Vitamix vs. Ninja

Vitamix Blender

For 90 years, Vitamix blenders are made in the USA and have been the brand most trusted by professional chefs, as well as DYS culinary artists. Whether you are making healthier choices at home, enjoying a resort style smoothie, cooking homemade soups from your own kitchen, or you are simply trying to make a restaurant quality margarita, Vitamix has what you need.

The Vitamix features include personal blenders starting at See Prices. They are capable of creating precise textures from coarse textures to fine textures. The blender has hardened stainless steel blades, a high performance motor, precision controls, on-line recipe support and the blenders are easy to clean. Included is an instructional DVD and a full warranty. They are dishwasher safe and has illuminated controls. Prices start at the mid $200’s all the way up to $700+.

Vitamix has received several awards for best in class beverage blender in part because when customers consume the fruit smoothies and vegetable juices, they are getting all the nutrients directly from the food, which are mostly missing from the store-bought smoothies which contain only a small percentage of juice from concentrate. In addition, the store-bought smoothies have a lot of added sugar and artificial ingredients.

Ninja Blender

The Ninja Blender is a high powered professional blender with outstanding performance, perfect for crushing ice, blending, pureeing, or controlled processing. It has 1000 watts of power, a 72 oz pitcher with blade and lid, with three speeds and pulse. The Ninja blender is made in China and it is not known as a juice extractor. Therefore, additional liquids may be needed during blending to achieve a desired consistency. It is capable of grinding nuts into nut butter and coffee beans into coffee grinds. It is also good for blending frozen fruits into cold smoothies. It can also make ice cream.

The Ninja Blender fits under most kitchen cabinets, works well only when it is not overfilled. It is made from BPA-free SAN plastic, is dishwasher safe; but can easily crack under extreme temperatures.

The ninja is perfect for single servings, ice crushing, blending, pureeing, and has controlled processing. It has 3 speed settings, stainless steel blades, 2 16 oz ninja single serve blending cups with lids for processing individual blended drinks and smoothies.

Vitamix vs. Ninja

Overall side-by-side comparisons make the Vitamix and the Ninja seem similar. They each have their individual strengths, however the Vitamix blender has a 90 year old reputation and the Vitamix is made in the USA. In addition, it can blend fruits without additional liquids being added. The Vitamix comes with recipe support, an instructional DVD, and it can create more specific textures. The Vitamix is more expensive for a blender, while the Ninja has a model that is less expensive and it boasts that it can make ice cream.

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